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CPS Companies was formed over 30 years ago to support my efforts to finish my graduate work at the Doctoral level in Marriage and Family Therapy.  I had worked in the public sector for a number of years, and decided to open my own practice.  I went back to school and worked as a process server on the side. At the end of my class work, I decided that I liked the business that I had built even more than practicing counseling.  I decided to give up the idea of a private practice and immersed myself in the business of serving process.  

In the course of the first few years, I learned that there were more areas that I could become proficient in and thus make my services more valuable to the litigation attorney.  I quickly learned how to retrieve documents from the courts as well as the non-party witnesses that I was serving.  I became a notary, which allowed me to conduct the depositions by written questions.  I also took the course work required to become a Certified Legal Video Specialist, so I am qualified to take depositions on video for clients.  

Because of the unique laws and rules that govern service of process in Texas, I have spent a great deal of time learning and becoming proficient with the rules of civil procedure, as well as the federal rules.  I am very familiar with both the documents that I serve and the ones I prepare for you. As the Texas Process Servers Association grew, I got involved in teaching other process servers in the rules and laws that impinge on our industry.  I have served in several offices over the years in this association.  I have assisted the association in creating a test to certify process servers here in Texas.  That way, all people needing process services are assured they are hiring quality servers who know the business of serving process.

~Lee Russell, Founder